Repair Docx Document
Repair Docx Document

Repair Docx Utility

Fix Faults in DOCX File

The corrupted docx file repair software with its advanced algorithms repair severely corrupted docx files of MS Word that may refuse to open

Repair Docx Utility

Recover All Information from Corrupt DOCX File

Execute thorough check to extract complete information including macros, hyperlinks, OLE objects, figures, etc

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP,
Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, MS Office 2000 and all above versions

Repair Word is an award-winning utility that not only takes out complete data from the damaged .docx file of Microsoft Word but also makes a new valid .docx file with the extracted data. Data in the new DOCX file is in the same fashion as it was in the corrupt docx file. Its highly developed algorithms even recovers attribute like OLE objects, hyperlinks, macro programs, text formats, etc., from the corrupt .docx file. You can use the utility to repair corrupt Word 2007 document and even new MS Office Word 2016 docx files. It will repair Word document getting corrupt due to Macro viruses or because of conflicting software on your personal computer.

Your important .docx file might get damaged due to Macro viruses that penetrates into your document when you embed macros in MS Word document. They can bring uneven changes to the content of the document resulting in corruption of docx file. The corrupted .docx file will refuse to open and you might not be able to read or edit your important document. Hence, to overcome from these problems you can use Repair Word utility. This software is capable to fix Microsoft Word 2010 crash application after sudden power surge issues on all the advanced version of Windows operating system. This software will repair .docx file of any size and even password protected docx document. You can use it to recover information from the docx file corrupted because of compression or due to sudden system shutdown. It will fix docx file on Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, XP & Vista OS and you need to have MS Word 2000 or above installed on the host computer to preview the new healthy docx file.

Due to the corruption of Word Document, you may end up with error messages signifying inaccessibility of file and hence fail to open that file. In such cases, this application proficiently employs to fix docx file error opening when trying to open Word files on Windows Operating System. It does not modify the original content of file and can be used even by a person without a technical knowledge.

Employing this software, you can easily fix severely damaged DOCX file with large sizes and file names having no backup and without making any changes to the original file. This application has been highly-recommended to mend DOCX file from MS Word 97, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 etc.

This tool helps the user who is don’t know the information about fixing Word document after infected by virus attacks and helps to get a new healthy Word document without intact original one. It is a more user-friendly tool which helps a novice user to operate this tool without any difficulties.

Tool To Fix broken DOC file: Implementation of this tool to your dead file will help you to repair all your damaged .doc files. It is found to be a user-friendly tool, which repairs all your Microsoft Word files in few very easy and simple methods. Any new user can use the software.

How to repair a DOCX file?

Step 1- Install and open the Repair DOC File utililty on your system

Step 2- Browse through the location of the .docx file

Step 3- Now press on the Repair button

Step 4-The program then returns a healthy DOCX file for a preview

Step 5- The repaired MS Word file can be now saved to a safe location

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